Redefining the donation model.

Huzu is a masternodes coin and innovative tax deductible donation platform.

Startup Patron

Huzu will be supporting startup projects from a portion of proceeds from the governance model.


A portion of proceeds from the governance model will be allocated towards selected charity projects.

Proof of Stake

Unlike POW or mining, POS is an energy efficient way to validate block transactions and also mediate the risk of attack.


Ensure a certain amount of full nodes running. A node is rewarded a higher percentage of block rewards than POS.

Huzu business model.

Designed to maintain a steady and healthy growth of the Huzu network.

Huzu busness model

Huzu donation platform.

The first sustainable blockchain based donation platform. Run by Huzu Charity.

Huzu donation platform


Huzu is growing. Check out Careers frequently if you want to join the team.












See the next steps in our development. Further details will be added regularly.

Huzu Token Launch.

September 2018

Masternodes Launch.

September 2018

Business Model Presentation.

September 2018

Donation Platform Presentation.

September 2018

Crex24 Listing.

October 2018

Cryptopia Listing.

October 2018

Staking Pool Launch.

Q4 2018

Donation Platform Marketing Campaign.

Q1 2019

Charity Introduction.

February 2019

New Exchange Listing.

March 2019

Donation Platform Beta.

May 2019

Staking Pool Upgrade.

July 2019

Donation Platform Launch.

October 2019

Startups Patron Launch.

October 2019

Charity Philanthrophy Launch.

October 2019

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Huzu coin

Voting will be used for the community to decide how the GOV pool is spent. Each masternode will get one vote per round.

Coin specs

  • MN collateral: 3.000 HUZU
  • Reward structure: 62% MN
  • Reward structure: 31% POS
  • Reward structure: 7% GOV
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Coin Maturity: 30 minutes
  • Max supply: 25.000.000

Block rewards

  • 1 - 5.000 = 1 HUZU - Swap
  • 5.001 - 1.050.000 = 8 HUZU
  • 1.050.001 - 2.100.000 = 6 HUZU
  • 2.100.001 - 3.150.000 = 4 HUZU
  • 3.150.001 - 4.200.000 = 2 HUZU
  • 4.200.001 - End = 1 HUZU


Here we share the most important information. Keep yourself updated with the latest news.

Huzu wallets updates.

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