How to swap Hold for Huzu.

First step to swapping Hold into Huzu from your local wallets is to open your Hold wallet. Enter the console located under Help/Debug window.

Click on the Console tab and type the following command. Your wallet must be unlocked for this step.
dumpwallet hold.txt
Now enter your local computers folder where InterstellarHoldings-QT is located. In this folder you will now see a hold.txt file. Move this file into the exact same folder location where Huzu-QT is located and open your Huzu-QT wallet.

Note to MAC users: You may receive this error “Cannot open wallet dump file (code -8)” when trying to dump the wallet because of file permissions. To get around this simply give a location for the wallet to save the file to like below.

dumpwallet /Users/<Your Username>/Downloads/hold.txt


Once your Huzu-QT has started open console under Tools / Debug Console.
In console then type the command.
importwallet hold.txt
Once the import is complete you should now have your HUZU coins and addresses from HOLD in the new wallet. Last and very important step is to DELETE the hold.txt private keys file. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE THIS FILE TO ANYONE. Admins and helpers will NEVER ask for this file as it contains access to ALL of your coins. We will not be held responsible if you lose coins because these keys were stolen. That’s it!
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