HUZU wallet update


We wanted to share some exciting news on the development front and future plans after realizing our wallet was in need of some love and attention. When looking at the issues and challenges we quickly realized QT was not going to cut it anymore. Many of the bugs are caused by the QT code copying data structures and logic code – instead of just working as an RPC front-end.


The solution to this will be to completely cut off QT and bury it dead… 

 Our next steps will be to rebuild the wallet with Electron. If you have not seen any Electron wallets I encourage all to go check some other projects who have built them. The front end view is using web technologies to render all displays so we will no longer be limited by QT and it’s terrible customization. This allows for limitless design and aesthetic possibilities.

Benefits and features of an Electron wallet

Auto Updating Wallets

All GUI wallets will now be coded in with an auto update and be able to stay up to date as we make improvements and add features.

Stake Pool Connection

We will now be able to have a page in the wallet that can directly connect and communicate with the staking pool. Think one click deposit to pool or checking balances directly in the wallet!

Integrated Donation Platform

This will also allow us to integrate the donation platform directly into the wallet. We plan to allow tracking of donations and charitable causes right from the wallet.

Masternode Voting

One of our goals from the start was to get the community involved through governance and masternode voting. With this new wallet we will now be able to easily construct a graphical view for masternode voting. This will make it much easier for non technical people to vote!

Connect Multiple Wallets

One of the cool features of using Electron as a foundation is we can now connect one wallet to many wallets. This will allow for you to either host on your local machine or on a VPS. This also allows us to give you direct access to your masternode wallets running on a VPS from your local wallet. It’s also possible to even add other currencies not just HUZU.

Auto Sync

With these wallets we will also integrate an auto sync feature to download the bootstrap. This will speed up first time syncs and mitigate issues with sync.


With the limitations in how QT wallets store and access data structures we will be able to vastly increase the speed of how the wallet loads data. So no more waiting for coin control to open for long periods if you have a large amount of inputs.

This list could go on and on really these are the main points we will be addressing with this new release though. We’re not going anywhere and will only continue to strengthen this project and it’s long term goals! 

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