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Give your child the confidence and the skills he or she needs to explore the world around them or with this fun climb-stairs toy.
The cheerful music and upbeat songs can help develop your baby’s visual perception, while the design of it will keep them busy for hours at a time as they learn to walk up and down the stairs.

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The Duck Toys Set is equipped with flashing LED lights, the toy has a fun sound track and upbeat music (with an on/off button), when you start, the duck will climb the stair with the music, and then slide down the slide. Your child is going to enjoy watching this little cutie!

This duck race track is made of ABS, which is non-toxic and safe for children. The parts are round, smooth and without any sharp edge, which is safe for children. This set encourages children to balance the toy, stimulate their imagination and develop motor skills. Recommended for all ages 9 months or older.

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This is a present for all the kids, including your big and small children. You can enjoy playing with LED road tracks together with your children, and assemble the climbing ladder together to increase the relationship between you.

1 x Automatic Ladder
3 x Circular Orbit
3/6/9 x Ducks

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