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Walk with no fatigue and discomfort for hours!

The orthopedic slippers’ soft memory foam will provide maximum comfort while wearing them.

Your feet will be relaxing when walking due to the lightweight and specific shape that conforms to the structure of the human body.

This design simulates spa procedures and massages for your feet with every step you take.

It will significantly reduce pain, fatigue, and soreness after a long day. 

Benefits of using the Home Slippers Summers:

Relieve foot pain, soreness, and fatigue

Provide therapist massage

Simulate spa procedures

Help to walk long distances

Stimulate relaxation

Protect feet from mud and water

Remove foot odor

Promote safety on slippery surfaces

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The boat-shaped design can perfectly wrap your feet and protect your feet 360°.

Our slippers will also keep your feet away from water, dust, or mud.

Plus, the sole thickness of 1.57 inches (4 cm) will make you feel like you are stepping on a cloud, providing an enjoyable and soft shoe experience.

Moreover, the orthopedic slippers are unisex and can be used by both men and women.

Our cloud slippers are made of skin-friendly EVA material.

They have excellent waterproof performance in various places, such as a bathroom, a swimming pool, a beach, spa, living room, or bedroom.

If any water gets in the sandals, there are unique drainage holes on the sides to pour it out.

Plus, the cloud slippers adopt anti-skid soles. They make it safer to step on any wet and slippery surface.


✔️ PROVIDE FOOT MASSAGE: The slippers feature soft tactile memory foam that offers a gentle massage for your feet while walking.

✔️ RELIEVE FATIGUE & SORENESS: Thanks to the massage that the orthopedic slippers provide,

you will release your feet from pain, soreness, and fatigue while you are wearing them.

✔️ FEELS LIKE WALKING ON A CLOUD: Home Slippers Summers have a thickened sole design that makes walking so soft that

it feels like you are stepping on a cloud while protecting your feet from mud and water. 

✔️ ELIMINATE FOOT ODOR: With their open-toe design, these slippers allow air circulation and perform a deodorizing function to reduce foot odor.

✔️ ANTI-SLIP SOLES: The wavy bump design on the soles makes our sandals anti-slip.

It promotes double safety when stepping in the shower, bathroom, or wet and slippery surfaces.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS: Our slippers are stylish and safe for all seasons and occasions, including bathrooms, bedrooms,

living rooms, swimming pools, beaches, spas, etc.

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Foot length 21.5-22.5(cm) = Size 34/35 = US size 4-5

Foot length 22.6-23.5(cm) = Size 36/37 = US size 5-6

Foot length 23.6-24.5(cm) = Size 38/39 = US size 6-7

Foot length 24.6-25.5(cm) = Size 40/41 = US size 7-8

Foot length 25.6-26.5(cm) = Size 42/43 = US size 8-9

Foot length 26.6-27.5(cm) = Size 44/45 = US size 9-10

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