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The pipes are often clogged with a pile of hair, food residue, or soap. This prevents the flow of water and is generally very annoying!

An easy and affordable solution is to use this long flexible rod with a clamp at the end.
Equipped with spikes at the end, this rod allows you to go further into the pipe and break up the clog hidden there.

Long enough to fit into deep pipes, to clean your bathroom, tub, sink, and toilet drain.
Designed with rotating hooks that will help you clean your drain of hair, caked-on soap, and dirt easily.

Bendable, flexible, and flexible enough to bend like a snake to follow the curve of the pipes and clean them.
This clamp rod offers a non-polluting unclogging that replaces chemicals that are bad for the environment and that damage traps and drains!

Length : 60-90-160cm
Material : Metal

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