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Suitable for grooming and trimming your pet nails at home!😄😄

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Size Chart:

Front and rear leg distance: 25cm / 10 ”
Mid-front and rear leg distance: 30cm / 12 ”
Large front and rear leg distance: 35cm / 14 “



🐕High Quality Material: Made of Flannel material, soft feel, good air permeability, comfortable to wear, makes your dog comfortable.

Combined with rigidity and flexibility, anti-bite and anti-scratch.

🐈Safe & Convenient: The grooming hanging hammock bag flannel contact area is large,

and the force area is large when the pet is hung, and it does not hurt.

The limbs are suspended in the air, and the pets are quiet and not moving,

making it easier and more convenient for grooming.

🐕Washable & Easy To Clean: This product is easy to clean, very convenient, clean and hygienic,

please wash your hands with cold water and dry naturally.

🐈Multiple Functions: Suitable for dog/cat grooming, bathing, nail cutting, ear removal, teeth cleaning,

feeding, eye drops, eye treatment, examination and medicine, etc.


Material: Flannel/ Sandwich

Color: Red/Blue/Gray

Weight(Flannel): 175g / 0.39lb, 200g / 0.44lb, 270g / 0.60lb

Weight(Sandwich): 120g / 0.26lb, 140g / 0.30lb, 160g / 0.35lb


1 × Dog Cat Hammock

2~4 × Hook


Due to the different display and lighting effects,

the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.

Finally,Wish you a pleasant time with your pets and shopping fun!

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