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Your masternode needs to run through the queue 2 times and on the 3rd time you’ll get a reward. So take the total masternode count * 0.05 = number of hours before first payout. Quick example with 240 masternodes running:
240 * 0.05 = 12 hours.

If you do not want your blocks to split after a stake you can use this command to do so. This will tell your wallet to use whatever number you enter as the minimum input size.

Open your HUZU wallet console Tools / Debug Window / Console tab then type

setstakesplitthreshold 500

Now your wallet will not split inputs unless the two are equal to or higher than 500 coins. Once your input reaches 1000 or greater is when they would split.

This option is also under settings/options/wallet TAB.


Staking rewards are by chance. You have to have your computer with the wallet running 24/7 for this to work. Staking does not work if your computer is in Sleep mode.

Coin control should be enabled by default in our wallet. When you click on the Send button you should see a button for Open Coin Control.

Coin Control

If you do not see this button open Settings / Options / Wallets tab and click on enable coin control features.


Now if you go back to send and open coin control you should see this window.


If you want to merge inputs you can select all inputs in one address or only certain ones by clicking the carrot on the left. In the example below I have selected all 269 available inputs (locked masternode coins are not affected).


For this example I am going to send those coins to another address and “merge” the inputs. Click ok and select an address to send your coins to then highlight and copy paste the amount after fee and paste that into amount. Press send.


 If you open coin control again you can now see all of those split inputs were merged into a new input under the new address.


Make sure your system clock is in sync
If it is out of sync use a 3rd party program to keep it in sync like
Have a low ping time

Leave computer on 24/7. Unlock for staking only if your wallet if password protected. Coins are not mature until they have been untouched for 2 hours.

Technically yes. You need a static IP from your ISP as well as a way to open up the port that your masternode is running on in your router. A VPS is easier to setup and run.

Make sure it’s been encrypted with a password and then store the wallet.dat file on Dropbox or Google Drive. Make sure the cloud backup provider has 2 factor authentication enabled (GoogleDropbox). On windows the wallet can be found in the %appdata%/HUZU directory (windows key + r %appdata%/HUZU and if that doesn’t work try %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\HUZU). On Mac it can be found in the ~/Library/Application Support/HUZUdirectory; Finder -> Menubar (top of screen) -> Go -> Utilities, open Terminal, type in open ~/Library/Application\ Support/HUZU.

You can also backup via dumpprivkey. Go to tools -> debug console and type in listaccounts; then for each address name type in getaddressesbyaccount ""; then do dumpprivkey on that address like so dumpprivkey Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The output from this can be used to steal your coins, and also used for backup purposes. Be careful!

You can also backup via dumpwallet. Go to tools -> debug console and type in dumpwallet huzu.txt. huzu.txt is usually put in the same folder as the HUZU wallet executable.

You need to start the Masternode again. Unlock the Wallet. HUZU – Wallet -> Masternodes -> Start MISSING. It should be running again.

Send all coins from addreses that have a wrong amount so that the value in thoese are zero. Restart wallet.